Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I was actually born in Milan, Italy, in 1937. This, among other things, makes me a survivor of WWII. God’s hand  led me to the missionary life and, this coming Friday, March 17, I will celebrate my 55 years as a Comboni Missionary Priest.

God has blessed me with a full and rewarding life where daily routine and crazy adventure have both been an integral part. I consider myself one of God’s survivors. What happened to me on February 1 has me convinced that, if ever my life had a purpose in God’s plan, this last part certainly does. On that day I experienced the signs of an impending heart attack. On February 8 I had open heart surgery for multiple bypasses. This date is now my second birthday.

 As I look back on what has happened to me since February 1, a single word stands out: GRATITUDE. Gratitude to God for giving me a second chance to life. Gratitude to the entire medical system of Mercy Anderson in Cincinnati that made it possible. Gratitude to each and every one of you for your support, help, prayers and concern. I had some very dark moments, but in unexpected ways and at different times, you made them bearable.

- What’s next? STAY TUNED!

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